About Martin County Hospital
Based in Stanton, TX, Martin County Hospital provides in- & outpatient health care for acute & chronic health issues. Call 432-607-3200 for more info or an appt.
Martin County Hospital, health care, treatment, Martin County, TX
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About Us

State-of-the-Art Medical Center in Stanton and Big Spring, TX


Providing Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy & More


Mission Statement


The mission of Martin County Hospital District is to set a new standard of excellence for medical care by combining our staff’s expert knowledge in their respective fields with compassionate care. We always put our patients first, and we always strive to be the number one provider of primary care, emergency room services and multiple therapy practices for the Stanton and Big Spring, TX areas.



Vision Statement

We are committed to excellence and promoting our patients’ health and wellbeing. Bringing the future of medicine to our community, we strive to be the first-choice medical center for Stanton, Big Spring, Midland and Martin County.

Our Promise

We will always put the patient first. Our promise – to each of our patients and their families – is to provide the highest quality medical care, along with efficient, effective treatment, compassion and respect.

Commitment To Care

Our commitment to offering excellent health care and a superior patient experience is backed by personal, conscientious service – from admission and the diagnostic process through treatment, recovery, discharge and beyond. Our dedicated staff will do everything possible to promote the health, welfare and wellbeing of our patients – and to ensure that they are receiving the best care for their medical issues.

Hospital Standards

Maintaining high standards of care is one of our primary goals. This drives our staff to project positive, caring attitudes in the performance of duties. It also motivates our team to cooperate, communicate and promote an optimal patient and guest experience.


Equal Opportunity Employer


Martin County Hospital District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The hospital does not discriminate against any person in hiring, termination, discipline or other terms or conditions of employment based on race, nationality, religion, sex, age, disability and/or other protected characteristics.


Any person who believes (s)he has been discriminated against or treated unfairly in any manner is encouraged to contact the Hospital Supervisor/Administrator as soon as possible for information and assistance.