Martin County Surgery Center
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Out Patient Surgery’s

Outpatient Surgery Facility

Physical Therapy Big Spring, TX

Not every surgery requires long-lasting anesthesia, or an overnight stay in a hospital bed. The number of outpatient procedures performed in the United States continues to rise. Outpatient surgery includes any surgical procedure that allows a patient to return home on the same day that the surgery was completed. These procedures are typically less invasive. Recovery is faster.


These routine and minor procedures include the following:

  • Cataract Surgery
  • Tendon & Muscle Surgery
  • Small Joint Surgery
  • Gallbladder Removal
  • Meniscus Surgery
  • Skin Therapy
  • Lumpectomy
  • Nerve Treatments
  • Tonsillectomy
  • And More!
These are just a few examples. If you aren’t sure if the surgery you require falls into the outpatient category, just ask.


Take Time to Plan Ahead

Before any outpatient procedure, be sure to follow preoperative instructions, and arrange a ride following your surgery if necessary. Contact us with any questions you have about outpatient surgery, or to schedule an appointment with us.