Why Choose Martin County Hospital
At Martin County Hospital, patients always come first, & they always receive excellent care. That’s why we’re your best choice for health care in Martin County TX.
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Why Choose Us?

Why Martin County Hospital Is Your Best Choice for Medical Care

Why Martin County Hospital Is Your Best Choice for Medical Care

Why Martin County Hospital Is Your Best Choice for Medical Care


When you need exceptional medical care, Martin County Hospital is your best option in the Stanton, Big Spring and Midland areas.


Our team of dedicated health care professionals has extensive experience diagnosing and treating various acute and chronic conditions. Committed to always putting our patients first, our doctors, surgeons, nurses and other professionals are ready to help, treat and serve you. Just some of the top reasons why Martin County Hospital is the best choice for your health care needs include our:


    • Exceptional care for various medical issues – Our skilled, compassionate staff is attentive and highly responsive to our patients’ needs. Whether you need inpatient or outpatient care – ranging from diagnostic testing and medical treatment to preventative care and wellbeing counseling, our trusted health care professionals have you covered. Our commitment to providing personalized, conscientious service means that you can count on receiving the highest quality medical care for your various health care needs at Martin County Hospital.


    • State-of-the-art facilities – Our new facilities are equipped with the latest devices and technologies to promote an optimal patient experience, as well as efficient, effective medical care.


    • Swing bed program – To ensure our patients have the level of care they need as their health and conditions evolve, we offer a swing bed program. This allows patients to transition to different levels of care with minimal disruption – and without having to move to a nursing home facility.


  • Extensive background serving rural and urban communities – We have served rural and urban communities in Texas for more than seven (7) decades. We are proud to carry on this tradition of excellence by continuing to provide superior health care to our rural and urban patients.


For additional information about our services or to set up an appointment with us, call (432) 607-3200 or email us.