Imaging Services

General Diagnostic Radiology

These are radiology exams used to evaluate conditions from suspected bone fractures to indications of injury to diseases of the gastrointestinal system. They are performed with digital radiography (DR) equipment for excellent image quality and accuracy.

Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

Our GE 32/64 Slice Revolution Evo CT scanner is the industry standard for CT scanning. This incredible machine opens new doors for accessing images of today’s most pressing health care conditions. The 32/64 slice gives 32 crystal clear images per rotation. You will receive a much more accurate diagnosis than ever before, with less radiation.  CT scanning is an imaging technology that uses multiple channels and computers to create detailed, cross sectional images of specific areas of the body. These images may be used to identify fractures, infections, tumors or other abnormalities. CT scanning is under the “Image Gently” standards at Martin County Hospital District to keep radiation doses as low as possible.


The new Mindray DC8 & M9 delivers high definition imaging in a compact and ergonomic package designed for a variety of tests including general, pediatric, vascular, and obstetrical ultrasounds. It is a state-of the-art system that provides the best images in the least amount of time to assist your physician in providing you the best care possible. The testing performed is painless and non-invasive while not exposing you to any radiation.  Our Sonography Department utilizes the latest equipment in a warm, welcoming environment. Our licensed sonographers perform most on-site specialized testing within 30 minutes. Your results are reported to your physician as quickly as possible. Our services include:  Abdomen, Renal, Aorta Screen, Pelvic (male & female), Small Parts (breast, thyroid, and testicular), OB/GYN, Echo and Vascular Screening.